Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Cj415 Final Exam - 1716 Words

CJ415 Final Exam Click Link Below To Buy: The ________ hypothesis regarding crime argues that as a country undergoes economic development, its crime rate increases. slippery slope globalization modernization transnational crime 2 points Question 2 Generally, the police forces of any given country are much more likely to be dealing with ___________ crime and much less likely, if ever, to be dealing with _________ crime. transnational, international international, transnational national, global organized, international 2 points Question 3 Offenses, whose inception, prevention, and/or direct or indirect effects involved more than one country is an example†¦show more content†¦brother and sister us vs. them we have the power I am the law 2 points Question 19 In the twentieth century, the United States Supreme Court, to protect citizens from governmental abuses from the states and their agents, extended the Bill of Rights to be applicable to the _____. police local governments states people 2 points Question 20 The police __________ is an extreme version of a phenomenon that exists in many human groups. subculture thin blue line corruption code of silence 2 points Question 21 Many people, specifically _________, believe that the police are often engaged in excessive and unnecessary physical force. government officials minority groups older citizens youth 2 points Question 22 Some forms of police brutality have also been referred to as _________. the third degree throwing the book at them hazing us vs. them 2 points Question 23 What made the King-beating incident significantly

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