Monday, November 4, 2019

Analyzing video Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Analyzing video - Article Example In the video â€Å"Mediation in action: role-playing workplace dispute resolution | Acas†, the two competitors at managerial position Paul and Kristy required mediation for the sake of their professional efficiency, stability and future progress. They also needed to resolve their disputes so to bridge the gap in their communication. To mediate the situation between these two, Senior Manager Bernard suggested mediation session which was conducted by an external agent, when he was unable to eliminate the strife between them himself. Now, Bernard as a senior manager regards both of his mangers for their distinctive skills. However, he is unable to accept their continual defiance of each other, which adversely impacted on the business in terms of time, money, lack of contracts and reputation (Mediation In Action: Role-Playing Workplace Dispute Resolution | Acas). After individual sessions with Paul and Kristy, Mediator meets them in a joint meeting and sets the ground rules initially to be followed by both. She reminds them both how these mediation sessions should be kept confidential and how they can ask for private chat if something disturbs them. Moreover, she made it clear to both the participants that they have to give ample chance and respect to the other to share his concerns and the listener will not interrupt the speaker. Setting ground rules and agreement on them makes such session more smooth and participants reach to resolutions quickly without wasting time in arguments. Mediator depicts composed and tactful approach for the second step of mediation that is listening and summarizing (Doherty and Guyler, 2008). She initiated the discussion by picking the flashpoint between two; â€Å"Kristy’s delegation handling issue†. Since, it’s directly related to Kristy’s liabilities in office; therefore, she gave Paul a chance to speak out his understanding on the issue,

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